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Last night I awoke at 4:00 am with horrible stomach pain and lower intestinal pain. There was a lot of twisting and lots of cramps and gas pain. I heard a lot of noises too. It was so bad that it woke me up. I also had a terrible sinus headache to go with it so it's either I'm getting sick or I ate something that got me. Probably the latter as I snuck in one of my hubby's potatoe (gnocchi) pasta. later I read the ingredients and it had Wheat flour. I didn't think that one would cause such a reaction but I didn't have anything else that could have done me in like that.

Anyway, I decided to try some toast for breakfast and toasted the new bread I bought yesterday. It was the same gluten-free bread I had been using but this one was a new flavor .... Rasin Pecan. I was a little skeptical because there were more ingredients like fruit juices in there.

So, here it is a few hours later and my guts is sour and sore and swollen!!! I feel like I need to go home and lie down. I can't seem to get it right! Even if I didn't hve that reaction last night to that potatoe pasta i still would have head the raisin Pecan Bread and this probably would have happened anyway. I get so afraid to try new things because of situations like this. It took forever to get me to try the new bread and now I know I won't be having it! has anyone else had this bread? I ca't remember the Manufacturer but I bought it in Whole Foods in the refrigerated bread section. I guess I may have to stick to the regular plain white rice bread.

So much for being adventurous!



10 years of abdominal problems, incorrectly diagnosed with Endometriosis / suffered 7 surgeries. Total hysterectomy 2 years ago!

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Interstitial Cystitis ,IBS, Migraines, Primary Immune Deficiency to name a few. Finally realizing that food intolerances make them all worse!

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You could very well still be reacting to the gluten in the other food. There is also a possibility that you are allergic to nuts. Make sure you stay glutenfree!


The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you." Numbers 6:24-25

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You could certainly get a bad reaction from a whole piece of pasta, considering that cross-contamination (for example, stirring wheat pasta and then stirring gluten-free pasta with the same spoon) could cause a reation in most celiacs.

Whole Foods most commonly sold gluten-free bread is Food for Life brand. They also make a lot of gluten based breads, so their is a risk of cross-contamination, unless you have verified from the company that their gluten-free breads are produced in a dedicated room separate from the gluten breads. I personally have not liked the taste or texture of any of their breads, so I have never gotten to the point of checking with the company.

Another thing that bothers me with a lot of gluten-free breads is guar gum. It causes severe gas, bloating, irritation and tenderness in the intestines. You might want to check into whether guar gum bothers you or not. I try to only use products that are made with xanthan gum instead. It is worth the extra money to invest in the xanthan gum for baking also.

God bless,


~West Coast-Central California~

Mariann, gluten intolerant and mother of 3 gluten intolerant children

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