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Newbie, My 16 Month Old Has Wheat Allergies

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My son was diagnosed with peanut, wheat and egg allergies. We were told to put him on a gluten free diet. My mom has a gluten intolerance so that doesn't surprise me. And I think I have issues with it too because since switching our household to gluten-free I have noticed a BIG difference in the way I feel. Does anyone else have kiddos with more that just the celiacs or wheat allergy? My big issue is finding things that are gluten-free, that I don't need eggs to make the recipe or can use an egg replacer. Like bread calls for too many eggs so I can't make it. My sons peanut allergies are severe so we have to avoid anything that contains even the slightest chance of a peanut. I originally thought that he couldn't have cheese because of the annato but it seems that he can have it from what I have read.

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