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Did Your Doctor Call With Biopsy Results?

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Hi. I had my EGD two weeks ago tomorrow. My doctor thought that I might have ulcer's or hiatal hernia. After the EGD he said I had gastritis, excessive acid, and the possible beginnings of celiac disease. He took biopsies to confirm the celiac disease. I researched celiac disease and lo and behold I have every symptom including the infertility and recurrent miscarriages along with the other really common symptoms. The only pregnancy I carried to term was when I cut out carbs for fear of flaring up endometriosis. I hadn't heard anything as of Friday so I called the office. They said I tested positive for H. Pylori from my blood work, but they didn't see my biopsy results. She said the results might be in the doctor's folder at the hospital. I have a follow-up on the 30th. Did your doctor wait until your follow-up or did he/she call you? I'm really hoping for positive biopsy and an answer to my poor health for the past few years. I'm getting worried that I haven't received a call.

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