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Non-gluten Intestinal Damage?

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Just a quick question: So if we know we have problems with gluten and that it can cause damage to the villi, etc. If you have problems with other things like soy or dairy, etc...by eating those things do you also damage the villi?

Also, I feel as though I have been glutened this a.m. and the only new food I ate was gluten-free pecan raisin bread. I can tolerate all of the ingredients in the bread so I'm thinking those should be okay. I cut soy from my diet 5 months ago and was recently able to re-introduce it without a problem, but I am wondering if the soy cream cheese I put on the bread did the trick? I ate a Soyjoy bar (which are delicious!) yesterday and had a similar reaction but not so bad as today's. I would mention that I only had a tsp. of the cream cheese which hardly seems enough to cause a problem by itself. I'm wondering if I can only enjoy the soy or the occasional sprinkle of parmesean cheese on my salad on an infrequent basis?

Would appreciate your thoughts.

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