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Gluten Free/dairy Free/ Carrageen Free Milk?

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Unfortunately, I am one of the SEVERELY sensitive people allergic to gluten. I have limited my diet to the very basics of all foods, and quite frankly, sometimes it just gets old. ( As I am sure many of you feel this way on occasion). Cross contamination is a plague of mine, as I am constantly trying foods that are labeled to be "gluten free" only to find that they have been processed in a facility that contains gluten. Also, I have a dairy intolerance, which proves to be just as difficult.

Recently, I having been investigating the different types of soy milk. I have been drinking Silk Soy milk, as the label says it is gluten and lactose free, but......I have found carrageen to be a culprit. Apparently, it is the vegan form of casein and does not mesh well with with body. No wonder. I have also tried Applegate Farms organic deli meats which contain the same ingredient and had a reaction to it. Coincidence much?

Has anyone else had this problem? Intolerance to carrageen? Also, can anyone suggest a soy milk that doesn't contain gluten, dairy, or carrageen, and that has been processed in a facility that is dedicated to protect against allergens? I know I am asking for a lot but......

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