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Testing Results Question

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Last year when I was tested for celiac disease my the transgulten blood count ( think that

s what it's called?) was 139.....I then had an biospy which also tested positive. Last week I was at my primary care to have some blood work done. I have been gluten free for months now. I asked if he would run the bloodwork as I wanted to see how I was doing. This time the bloodwork came back at 24.7. The nurse gave me the results and just said over the phone "that's good".

What is normal? What should I be? Can anyone comment. Also anyone know a good celiac disease doctor or dietician in Boston?

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A positive tissue transglutimate (or tTg) test is generally anything over 24, with a "weak positive" being anything between 20-24 and negative anything under 20. I have seen some doctors say anything over 30 is positive. 139 is very high, and a re-test of 24.7 certainly shows you've done a great job staying truly gluten-free. It can take quite a while for all the numbers to come back down. After 6 months of a gluten-free diet my son's numbers came down from 157 to 35, but they are normal now (13 months out).

Mom/wife to celiacs dx 12/03 and 12/04

Success is never final and failure never fatal. It's courage that counts -George Tilton

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