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Would This Be Considered Progress?

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I have twin daughters who turned 4 in December. The first week of December Dina, was confirmed through bloodwork, endo, and biopsy as Celiac. Since her twin showed elevated IgG levels too, we decided to have them both go gluten-free. Now granted, the first week seemed like a blur....lots of learning. Shoot...who am I kidding, I am still learning. Anyway, she has gained 3lbs in three weeks. She's filling out more, more of an appetite and is now eating things she wouldn't touch months ago (more proteins etc.). She takes a multivitamin and Probiotics. What I notice from time to time (maybe once a week) is a sporadic (sp?) loose stool. Completely loose as opposed to loosely formed. It's as though it will just pop up. Perhaps in the morning but another stool later that afternoon is fine.

I know these things take time to "completely" heal and I consider us at the beginning of the diet. I carefully watch her intake, she doesn't share snacks at school etc.

Being so new to this, I don't know what to make of this occasional loose stool. We've done allergy testing to some 80+foods, spices, etc. (I know...not a carved in stone method to getting answers) and not one thing came back positive. I know everyone's situation is different with various stages of celiac but I was just wondering if someone more educated could shed some light onto this for me.

Thanks in advance!

Christine...otherwise known as the poop analyzer in our house

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As you really are a relative Newby at providing a gluten-free diet for you children, is it possible you are missing some gluten somewhere that you least expect it? There is so much to learn to maintain a gluten-free lifestyle that I recall that I certainly wasn't fully skilled at a month and a half into it, and even now 2 years later find I slip up and make the occasional mistake that my poor son pays for!

Just a thought. :)

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