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From the GI Dr.

Does this sound like Celiac:

1.) Benign small intestinal mucosa, with focal, partial villous blunting and mild crypt hyperplasia, suggestive, but not diagnostic of celiac sprue

2.) No intrapithelial lymphocytosis is seen

3.) Recommended clinical, endoscopic and serologic correlation; re-biopsy after gluten-free diet, if clinically indicated

Already had endoscope which led to the above. Dr. should have done blood test first, but didn't. Now GI Dr. wants me off Gluten-Free diet for 1 week (only been Gluten-Free 2 weeks) so antibodies will get back up.

Does this make sense? Was starting to feel better and now have to go through this. Does the info. above suggest Celiac? Will antibodies be there if I eat gluten for 1 week.

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