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Does My Son Have Celiac Too?

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I know for sure that I have celiac. All of my markers and dna are positive. I do not have copies of my actual labs. I have been gluten free for a while. Now, my 16 year old son shows many of the same symptoms. I had a celiac blood panel done on him- $800 by the way. The results are very confusing and even his doctor says they are confusing. His IgG is VERY high, but IgA and TTG are ok. On one part of the results it says DQ2 homozygous and DQ2 heterozygous is extremely high but on down the page it says DQ2 and DQ8 extremely low. I am really confused and dr is just going to send him to GI to learn more- but any advice here would be helpful. THANKS!

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