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Wheat Grass, Barley Grass

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So, I am trying to find a green superfood supplement that is gluten-free. Now the research I have done so far indicates that wheat grasses and barley grasses are gluten free they are the young plant before the gluten protein "berry" forms--they are cut young. Various manufacturers are all claiming that this is gluten free. The natural health pharmacist lady at a store here told me the same thing once, but she wanted to call the company to double check since this is such an important issue and she couldn't get through.

Does anyone here supplement with this type of green superfood? Does anyone know about this?


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I've heard stuff about this and though it can be safe, there is a chance that some seeds are in it. I think there may have been a post on this some time in the distant past. The safe and forbidden lists at celiac.com also say that the ingredient might contain gluten:


Forbidden List - Foods and Ingredients Not Safe for a Gluten-Free Diet 


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I have been using a suplement called Living Fuel which is similar to the supplement you have been referring to. Living Fuel does have barley grass and wheat grass. It is also claimed to be gluten free. I emailed the manufacturer about the Vanilla ingredient and I was assured that the product is gluten free. I have not had a problem with it at all. I am taking the one that is the Super Berry (I figured I could stand the flavor alot better). It is equally as nutritious as the Greens. I have also been taking the Garden of Life probiotic Primal Defense, it is wonderful, no problems from it. I had to quit my other multi and calcium supplements due to citric acid being an ingredient. So it is imparative that all vitamins be looked at thoroughly. These two companies Living Fuel and Garden of Life have wonderful reputations and I highly doubt that either of them would risk thier reputations to label something gluten free if in fact it wasn't.

I understand what you are saying about eating junk. I can not tolerate anything that is not a whole food. Onereal big thing is that just because something is labeled gluten free it dosen't mean that it is healthy (i.e. cookies, cakes, breads, etc...) I NEVER eat anything processed nor am I tempted, my health is the most important thing to me and as I learn new things I could never go back. I am studing holostic nutrition because the subject is of such interest to me. If you ever to discuss nutrition email me.

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