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Need Help With Blood Test Results

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* I originally posted this in the children's section, but I wanted to move it to the testing folder.

Hi Everyone,

I have been meaning to post this question for awhile now. I have Celiac myself and my son was first tested when he was 18 months old (I didn't realize how unreliable the tests can be for children and probably many adults as well!). I was told that his results were negative. I then tested him through Enterolab and he tested positive. I went ahead and took him off of gluten and he has been doing well since (He is now 3). He never had any major symptoms, but I was watching him very closely since I have Celiac myself. He started to have some tummy trouble, eczema, bloated belly etc. Those symptoms improved when he stopped eating gluten. Anyhow, I was going through his medical records the other day and came across his Celiac blood tests. I wanted to post them because his one Gliadin test was above the range by 1 point. I don't know if this is significant at all. Would you consider these blood results positive at all, or are they completely negative?

Thanks for your help!

IGA, Serum...........26mg/dL (24-121)

GLIADIN AB IGG................12 U/ml (<11) *This is the one I had a question about

GLIADIN AB IGA................<3 (<11)

Also, his platelet count was increased at 436 (140-400) *Not sure if that means anything, the doctor never mentioned it.

His tTG IGG AB was <3 (<7), but was run well after he had already been on the gluten free diet (the lab lost his blood the first time and did not have enough to run the whole panel--doctor said being off of gluten wouldn't matter, but I have read different opinions about that)

Thanks again!

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his total IgA is low but not deficient. He may be a poor producer of IgA. I am glad he is doing well

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What does low IGA mean? And is there another reason that his IGG gliadin level was above the range besides gluten/celiac reasons? The doctor never discussed the results, I just received a call saying everything was perfectly normal.

Well, obviously everything was NOT perfectly normal. He got one positive, and one important test wasn't even done. And yes, being off gluten mattered greatly for that one!

Your son had one positive on his blood test. He tested positive with Enterolab, and is doing well a year and a half later on the gluten-free diet. Plus, it is genetic and you have celiac disease.

I believe you do have a definitive diagnosis.

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