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Bill in MD

Coeliac Disease The Featured Article On Wikipedia

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I just popped onto Wikipedia to look up something completely unrelated to celiac disease, and noticed that the article on Coeliac Disease (their spelling) was recently the featured article (at least on the English language version). This means that anyone visiting the site's main page on that "day" likely at least glanced at the beginning of the article. (I think that wikipedia's concept of "today" is based on GMT.) At the end of "today's" featured article excerpt is a list of recently featured articles; that's where I saw it. I have no idea how the featured articles are chosen.

Regardless of your personal opinion of Wikipedia as a verifiable and useful reference (if you have one), it is a popular site and this seems like good publicity to me. FWIW, I haven't seen anything objectionable or questionable in this particular article.

Wikipedia Main Page

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