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How Long For Baby To Start Gaining Weight?

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HI - My 7 week old had been doing great up until 3 weeks ago. She is fully breastfed and had been putting on 6 oz per week but then 3 weeks ago this slowed to 3 oz per week and her bowel movements were green and mucousy. Initially I put this down to the fact that I'd eaten broccolli or some other green vegetable but I cut these out and the bm's were the same. Given that she feeds well and frequently, I now think its a gluten/wheat intolerance. I cut gluten/wheat/dairy/soy/nuts out of my diet for the past three days and her bms have returned to the normal yellow colour today. Her form has been good throughout and she does not seem to be in any pain etc. I was just wondering how long on average should I expect before she could return to normal weight gain? (given that she's so young I'm anxious not to wait too long before taking it further). Thanks

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