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Restaurants In Northern Nh Near Wiers Beach/louden/belmont (west Side Of Winnipesaukee)

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Hey all,

I know about all the great restaurants (I think there's 2-3 of them now) up in North Conway that appear to be Celiac friendly (such as Rafferty's and that Italian restaurant) but I am going to be up a bit north of Concord, pretty far away from North Conway and was wondering if anyone knew of some Celiac friendly restaurants up in that area (as I said in my Subject Line, Wiers Beach, Louden, Belmont and even Laconia etc.)

I am from southern NH, on the Seacoast and have been slowly exploring my options, emailing, calling etc. in my area and up north, but sometimes it's easier just to ask. I was just diagnosed in mid April so still learning alot about it all.

Any suggestions would be great! I know there's alot of threads on here like this though asking about restaurants in different areas though so I'll just cross my fingers and hope there's a couple folk that know that area pretty well, thanks!!


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