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Celiac And Ulcerative Proctitis And/or Suppository Therapy

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Does anyone out there have any version of Colitis along with Celiac? And consequently, does anyone have to use suppositories? Do they seem to help you?!

I have the celiac and ulcerative proctitis which is colitis just in the lower part of the colon and rectum. I have been taking canasa suppositories 1000 mg. 2X a day. I stopped for 2 weeks and had a flare, so now I am supposed to take 4 lialda once a day and use the canasa until it clears. Then stay on the Lialda for maintenance to help with remission. What are you taking? I just started the regimen and am in the process of switching gastro doctors. They also put me on effexor to reduce stress and anxiety which can cause flare ups as well.

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