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Vh Products

Guest Leidenschaft

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Guest Leidenschaft

In answer to Sarah's question in Awesome Noodle Bowls, regarding a gluten-free Teriyaki sauce, I've gone in search of VH Sauces website! I'm not sure how available the products are in the US, but in Canada we have them from coast to coast. I've used many of their stirfry sauces, their soy sauce etc and have never had a problem! :)

You can see their website here: VH Products

Hope this helps!

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Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you!

I am such a happy lady today! I never thought for the life of me that a food item could make me this happy, but, I am a stirfry queen these days thanks to celiac disease and now I can have the "REAL THING" yeah!

Thanks Tammy for finding this, I am very greateful to you! :D



"Small Town" Minnesota, USA

Diag:9/04, positive blood tests

Trying to be strictly gluten-free

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Premier Japan Organic makes a gluten free Terikayi and also Hoison sauces. They can be bought through Edward and Son's. http://www.edwardandsons.com/organic_sauce.html


Jessica :rolleyes:


Gluten Free since 12-31-2002!!


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Guest Leidenschaft

Hi all, an update on the VH products... after contacting the webmaster to request that they list ingredients and identify which products are gluten-free on their website, I received the following emails. I'm only including the exerpts which pertain to gluten-free.

Dear Ms. Dempsey:

Thank you for contacting ConAgra Foods Canada Inc., with your questions.  ConAgra Foods Canada, Inc., has adapted a clear labelling policy to ensure individuals with allergen concerns can choose our products with confidence.  If gluten containing ingredients are present in any of our products it is indicated independently in the list of ingredients.  In addition, a secondary note in bold caption is below the ingredient list, stating what the allergen is, i.e. CONTAINS:  WHEAT

At this time our gluten free products include:  VH Dips and Sauces EXCEPT TERIYAKI STIR FRY SAUCE; Hunts' Puddings, Tomatoes, Pastes, Pasta Sauces, including Healthy Choice; Orville Redenbacher Popcorn with the exception of BBQ Flavour Ultimate Theatre Style Popcorn (the pour over flavour pouch contains wheat); ACT II Microwave Popcorn and PAM No Stick Cooking Spray.  NOTE:  Re-formulation may occur possibly changing the information, therefore we strongly suggest the ingredient label be reviewed with each purchase. 

We hope this information has been helpful for you and appreciate your dedication to our products.


Consumer Communications

My reply:

Hi, thank you for your quick response.  I'm still working my way through your

website.  I recognize your clear labelling, and greatly appreciate it, and of

course now I'm wondering WHY

the Teriyaki is not considered gluten-free???  I've used it plenty over the past year!

Her reply:

Dear Tammy,

It was recently discovered one of our ingredient suppliers supplies ingredients that shares production lines with other ingredients that may contain gluten.

So, there you have it from the "horses" mouth! :unsure: All I can say is I've used this product MANY times in the past year, and have never had a reaction, however I don't have really strong reactions period. Somebody with a higher sensitivity may react.

I know of many products that I (and my mother) use that list the possibility of cross contaimination. Mom's a lot more sensitive than me and she's not had any problems with the Club House brand Montreal Chicken or Steak spice. They advise that they're processed on lines that process gluten too.

Wish I could be more positive than that, however the bulk of their products are gluten-free so hopefully you can enjoy many of them! :)

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