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Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, Irlen Syndrome

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I recently posted about my son's eye alignment. He looks fine, but when he looks up as high as he can, you can see the iris on one eye goes up higher than the other. I mistakenly called this a vertical misalignment. It is actually a horizontal misalignment(oops). We discovered this because when he was reading he saw triple!!!!He would close one eye while reading and then words looked fine.

Yesterday, a teacher who knew what we were dealing with brought by colored transparent films. She did a casual test on him. She did not notice an improvement in speed or accuracy. BUT my son said the words look normal!!! He is able to read with both eyes open. I listened to him read and it was the fastest I have heard him read. Teacher thinks it could be placebo, but he has both eyes open now.

He does not need corrective lenses. He was told that if it did not get better we could go get computer assisted vision therapy. The dr wanted to give his eyes time to realign on their own. Patching an eye will not help with this kind of misalignment.

BUT now this color thing brings in a whole new aspect.

Does anyone else have this? Is there a connection to gluten intolerance?

Thanks for everyone who answered my last post.

gluten . . . Kiss my grits!

pork and beef free- 1994

wheat free or wheat light- 2003

gluten free- January 2008

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