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Kidney Question

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last summer I had a slightly elevated creatinine on my blood test for a routine physical. it was 1.4. doc wasnt too concerned but had me retest...second time it was a 1.7. i was really nervous but the doc said it was just a normal variant specific to my physiology. Had a urine analysis after and everything was negative. After I cut out all of my allergic foods and gluten I had another blood workup and my creatinine was back down to a 1.3 and everything else was normal. I felt much relief. Could the initial results have just been a fluke or is it possible I was developing kidney damage as a result of eating foods i was sensitive to? If the latter is a possibility, Im worried because i am going to do a 1-2 week gluten challenge for more testing and am not sure if this is gonna cause any problems. only explanation i could give for the upward trend in my creatinine was that I was retested after a week in NY where I was pretty much eating everything and drinking a lot woth my pals...plus i may have been dehydrated since it was a hot summer and was on a plane which can further dehydrate you. Anyway, am i being psychotic or is there any legitimacy to my concern? thanks

Endoscopy & blood panel all negative 12/09 after being strict w/ gluten free diet

As of 8/09 - Candida Overgrowth, C.difficile overgrowth, elevated fecal anti-gliadin, elevated putrefactive SCFA's

Developed severe lactose intolerance, IBS and food sensitivities in 02 after contracting Giardia from a river in Oregon

Had negative celiac blood work in 02

Elevated stool anti-gliadin Ab (21 with 10 being cutoff for normal) - 2008

Positive for DQ8- 2008

Tested high positive for egg, dairy, soy, ginger, mustard - 2008

Lactulose/Mannitol (leaky gut) test indicated slight intestinal permeability

Improved with gluten free diet but still have spastic constipation

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