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Foods You Miss

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Yes, I will carry many products with no dairy with soy cheese and milk as a substitute.

You can go to www.debysglutenfree.net there is a site map there that gives the exact location.

BTW, I posted on the products board advertising for volunteers to try my mixes for free. I haven't gotten my 10 volunteers yet, so if you are interested, read that post and follow the guidelines.



anti-body negative, self diagnosed, Gluten free since March 2001. Two sons (8) also have celiac. Antibody and biopsy positive. I love to cook and after much much experimentation can now get by pretty well!

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Guest Leidenschaft

This is all very exciting! :D Congrats on finding a banker who shares your vision! Fredericton is not the MAJOR centre in NB, however it is the capital city, so has a lot of travellers. To my knowledge there are about 60 registered celiac disease's here.

Foods I miss most are:

Angel Food Cake, was my birthday cake for every year I can remember!

Yorkshire pudding, which of course is filled with gravy! :rolleyes:

Croissants with real butter!

French Toast

Chicken salad in a Pita Pocket

Fajita's in flour tortillas, I agree that the corn ones are YUK!

The thing I miss most, is the freedom to eat what I want. The comfort zone that I will not get sick because I've eaten something. I think that's a pretty universal feeling through the board. I think you've got a good thing planned, and for all of us everywhere I wish you MUCH success!


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Ok, time for me to throw my 2 cents in on this one. I think about this all the time and end up mapping out a whole day of food.


Grands Cinnamon Roll

Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Croissant from BK


Pizza Hut's 5.99 lunch buffet omg so good


A Big Mac

Late Dinner

The GOOD STUFF at Outback steakhouse - gold coast coconut shrimp and as much of their delicious rye bread as I could eat!

Thank you and goodnight B)


Diagnosed by biopsy and Gluten-Free since March 2003. I have the noisiest stomach known to man. Seriously, how do I turn off this crazy thing??? Sounds like I've got an alien in there...

Go Green! Go White! Go State!

For the ultimate donuts, visit www.celiacspecialties.com. I wouldn't lie to you, I swear!

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I also heard a doctor broadcast on NPR that humans couldn't even fully digest wheat.

Hey there,

i also heard that, too. But honestly, i already thought so before i heard it, because i heard the story about why we have celiac disease (but don't know, if THAT story's true though).

Well, I'd like to eat:

a good ol' german role of course :rolleyes:

mozzarella sticks

Hawaii toast (toast with ham, pineapple and cheese baked over it)

chicken wings

chicken nuggets

onion rings

the cinnabon cinnamon rolls with the vanilla sugar or sauce or whatever that is over it

pizza baguette

pizza bolognese


instant chocolate cappucchino (spell?) with an extra portion whip cream, hmmm!!! (i know i'm weird ;) )

"cola snakes" gummibears and "sour tongues" gummibears (don't know the englisch word for them)

I hope, i didn't forget anything? Well, i pretty much stuffed everything into me before that diagnosis.



Next goals:

Results for 2011:

1x PA State Champ (I defended my title in pointfighting) and also again Grand Champion in pointfighting

August 20-27: Karate and Kickboxing World Championships in Germany (my homecountry)

gluten-free since 07/21/2004

Shermans Dale, PA

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1) olive garden breadsticks

2) Costco's rolls

3) strawberry birthday cake

4) ravoli type pasta stuffed with cheese

5) "shells" pasta

6) normal chocolate chip cookies

7) Danish pastries


Inconclusive Blood Results, Positive Dietary Challenge Results

gluten-free since January 2004

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