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E-mail Response From Malt-o-meal

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I don't know if any of you ever bought Malt-o-Meal cereals, but I used to get them sometimes pre-Celiac because they're inexpensive. I e-mailed them asking if any varieties were gluten-free, and here's their response:

Thank you for your email message regarding Malt-O-Meal ready-to-eat cereals.

Currently, our Malt-O-Meal Fruity Dyno-Bites


--Son, Lucas, age 7. Gluten-free since May 2007

--Son, Ezra, age 5. Gluten-free 10/13/07. Bipolar tendencies, massively improved on gluten-free diet! He's also allergic to a jillion antibiotics.

--My mother has Celiac Disease, dx'ed by Positive Blood Tests and Biopsy. Diagnosed Sarcoidosis 6/08.

--Myself, Gluten-free since 8/07

Time heals all hurt of heart... but time must be won.

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