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Having Blood Taken = A Body Freak Out!

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been off the gluten for like 8 months.

i had my blood tested again 6 months

after diagnosis and again last week.

i HATE having blood taken

and usually get a little clammy

or whatever,

though other times

i am perfectly fine.

however, the two times

i have had it taken

since i have been off the gluten,

my body has completely

freaked out.

like - face loses all color,

everything is fuzzy

and my

entire body breaks




its gross.

after about 5min or so,

color somes back,

and 10 -15 min later,

i am ok to drive and stuff.

but what IS THIS!!???????

its only happend like this since

i got off the glu!


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look up vasovagal response.

It's a nerve response to a stimulus. Could be anything, very often a needle stick. Maybe your nerves were simply less responsive on gluten?

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I've had this problem my whole life and often pass out. Haven't found anything that helps. Well, I take that back, if I lay down all the way when they draw blood then I can sometimes make it through without passing out. Also I ask the nurse ask me questions to keep me talking. Sitting up all or part way doesn't work for me. I've been told to make sure I stay well hydrated. Obviously sometimes you have to fast before blood draws but if not I try to eat a hearty balanced meal or snack right before going in. I found out not long ago that when I have episodes like you described, my blood pressure gets very low and takes quite a while to go back up. A doctor I saw last year, and in whose office I started to feel like that, took it every so many minutes and charted it until I started feeling better and until my BP got up to normal. And Vasovagal has been mentioned to me. I don't have anemia. Been tested recently. I've been referred to a cardiologist to investigate it further.

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It only happens to me when I have to fast. So now I take some juice and nuts with me. As soon as they take remove the needle, I drink some juice and start munching the nuts. So I feel much better right away.

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I get really faint a lot of times when they take blood from me. Most of the time I have to be fasting, so that makes it worse.

If they're going to take more than 2 tubes of blood (I always ask) then I lay down. Also, if you tell them in advanced (like, when they're prepping you) that you get really weak, they will do everything in their power to let you stay and get energy back, etc.

I have had to stay on the bed in the draw room before. I have passed out a couple times, so now I just tell them that I can pass out, they are great about accommodating you...trust me! They don't want to have to call 911 because you passed out and hurt yourself! :)

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