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Food Allergies, Drug Intolerances And Celiac

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Hi everybody!

I am in my 7th gluten-free month and I am also off dairy.

I have always had many sensitivities-- found out in the 80s that I can't do macrolides (the e-myacin anti-biotics) and sulfamides. The sulfa got worse to the point where I cannot drink wine or dried fruit or even medfications that had "sub clinical" levels of sulfa. Now I cannot even use shampoos with the sodium lauryl sulfates.

I found out in the 90s that I cannot do msg (I look like I got sunburned) and now nitrates in processed lunch meats and bacon make my ears itch and give me a bright red raised rash all over my face and neck. Oxycontin makes me break out in an itchy rash all over. I have a latex allergy. More and more rx drugs are getting put on the allergy list and if I need antibiotics or medicines to treat other conditions, things get really dicey in terms of what I can tolerate.

Unfortunately these sensitivities seem to be getting worse and I find I can tolerate fewer and fewer things as I continue with the gluten-free diet. I even react to things that are supposed to be hypo allergenic. It is almost like a geometric progression since going gluten-free.

What is up with this?

Is this a normal experience? Will it improve (is it termporary?) I am even afriad to take vitamins or herbs at this point. I am down to fruits, veggies and fresh meats.

Does anyone have any insight into why this might be happening and what a person could do, if anything?

Pretty soon I am afriad I will be living in a bubble!

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