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Eating Gf In New Orleans


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Hello ya'll from the Big Easy. I'm here in New Orleans for a 5-day convention and thought I would share my experience as I try to stay gluten-free on-the-road.

First off I contacted the hotel where I'm staying (Doubletree on Canal St) and asked about a gluten-free menu. Unfortunately they do not have one but the restaurant does have a low-carb menu which offers a nice selection of foods that are gluten-free (cross contamination is a possibility, though) and I have talked to the cooks about the food. Overall this has been a positive experience.

Next I went on-line and found a health food store nearby (Whole Foods) and a short cab ride later I was able to stock-up on gluten-free goodies to keep me going during the convention (I had the hotel bring me a mini-fridge for my room to store my groceries).

As this is my first experience traveling after being diagnosed I was real anxious about staying gluten-free and avoiding any "attacks." But, it hasn't been bad. I pack my own lunch each day and plan ahead before going out (I carry apples or pears just in case). I ask a lot of questions when dining out and if I feel the item is questionable then I avoid it (luckily hurricanes have rum in them and are gluten-free!).

Anyways, this has been a positive experience and I hope this helps other celiac disease people planning trips.

Cleveland Bob :)

"Dreams Are What The Future Is Made Of"

Endoscopy & Blood Work Positive.....

gluten-free Since December 2004.....

Soy Intolerant August 2007......

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I would love a list of thpse place in New Oreans. I was there last week and a few place they had nothing for me. Margaritta ville made me a plane salmon and sweet potatoes. Brennan was wonderful, had the Gumbo or Jumilia, not sure but

it had shrimp and ocre in it. Brennas is nice but costly

I did eat oyster alot raw carried my own cocktail sauce, again I would love a list

I hit the Wendys and waited 45 min in line to get a chili. But I did not have a choice. all those other customer must LOVE Wendys, aLL in all I should have been carry my food all day and night, seem I would need something and would have jsut taking my purse back to the room.

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Most of the places I know in New Orleans are fairly expensive -- just like in other cities. Commander's Palace, Brennan's, Stephen's (I think that's the name), Delmonico. Others that I can't even remember the name of now.

Steamed, boiled or broiled seafood should be safe just about anywhere and you should be able to find it at a huge number of restaurants. Jambalaya should not have roux in it and should be safe. Some gumbos are thickened with file instead of roux, but you have to ask. I wouldn't eat Wendy's in a city like New Orleans if you paid me.


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