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Mexican Recipes Already gluten-free

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I wanted to know if anyone was interested in a few dishes that are already gluten free that they may not know about or thought of. I am Mexican and my husband is from Laos, so when we went gluten-free for my oldest son, it wasn't too difficult. We have always cooked at home and really enjoy food. Eating dairy free as a family for 8 yrs. has already prepared us to research and try new things. A few recipes that come to mind are

Mexican Salmon


Arroz con Pollo

Tortilla Soup



Not Mexican but still gluten-free:

Turkey sausage and Green Beans over white rice

Mediterannean Roast

Old Fashion Meatloaf (Paula Dean)

Earth Sea and Fire Salmon (allrecipes.com)

Everyone has their own version of this, as do I, so you can adjust the tastes to your liking and allergies. I have these recipes but don't want to post if there isn't an interest.


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This is my own recipe that I have come up with that my kids enjoy. Please share any ideas.

1lb. chicken tender meat (not breaded but the cut)

1 green bell pepper, chopped

2 carrots, sliced

1/2 onion, chopped

3 stalks of celery, sliced

2 cans of hominy, rinsed

6 quarts of chicken broth low sodium(your choice)

2Tblsp chili powder, seperated

3 tsp cumin powder

2tsp garlic powder

1 bay leaf

corn tortillla, cut into strips

In a pot warm canola oil on medium heat. Cut chicken tender meat into 1 inch pieces and throughly toss with 1TBLSP. chili powder. Put 2 TBLSP chili powder into oil for three seconds then quickly add cubed meat. Brown chicken but not thoroughly cooked. Add broth,carrots, hominy, celery, cumin, garlic powder, bay leaf. Let boil then cover and lower heat to a simmer for 30-45 minutes.

Fry tortilla strips in oil until brown. Add as a garnish.


sliced avocado

fresh cilantro



I don't use salt because of the celery. If you choose to add salt then then use less celery. I don't add the tortilla strips to the soup because they become soggy. For this exact reason I don't add the cabbage either.

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I love mexican food and that is one place that I can eat out. I never eat the chips with the salsa. I actuall pack my own and keep them in my purse so that I can have chips and salsa. One of the places that I eat at uses flour in the gravy so I have to skip that(its more of a fast food type of place). The second place isbetter(called La Tolteca). I ask them to replace flour tortillas with corn for the fajitas. I also frequetly eat papusas when at other mexican places. I probably get a little contaminant gluten but it hasnt bothered me yet.

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I am mexican so I cook at home alot. Last night I made Arroz con Pollo and later this week I will make Lengua Tacos. They are easy to make and they are gluten free naturally. I make my own salsa and chips. When eating out Mexican Restaurants are usually safe. I my son is the one person in our family that cannot have gluten, so he usually eats something grilled or enchiladas with a request for them to use corn tortillas. I don't eat at chain restaurants because they usually have prepackaged food. And if it looks like a hole in the wall then I know it will taste more like something my mom or grandma used to make. In my town there is a chinese restaurant that makes a rice noodle dish and they don't use soy sauce. So those are two options when eating out. We live in a small southern town so everything is fried.

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