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Mind Fog, Anxiety

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Reading the posts, especially about this topic, leaves me just amazed. I mean jaw dropping amazed. I have many of these same symptoms. I just went off gluten three weeks ago today. I unfortunately ate Ezekiel bread a few days ago, but other than that I've been pretty diligent. I would have previously questioned <_< that it's the gluten causing these symptoms if it wasn't for reading the many, many different experiences soooo many people have had by going gluten free.

I just really appreciate this forum!


dairy free (except a little cheese) - 2006

gluten free - 3.11.2009

I hope I never have to give up fruit...

The alimentary canal is thirty-two feet long. You control only the first three inches of it. Control it well.

~Kin Hubbard

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my mind symptoms included gazing off into space, things appearing further then they really were...as if my eyes were sunk further into my head, things got fuzzy like I was stoned( which I don't drink, do drugs, etc..too sick for that), I would have to think so hard for the right word to say, my thoughts slowed WAY down..I could barely think, I got lightheaded and weak, nightmares, depression, anxiety, oversensitive to sound, oversensitive to movement, motion sickness from almost any movement. WHAT FUN.

The bright side is I am sooooooo much better. I have not had on brain spell since going off gluten. I might have a symptom here or there, but not multiple ones all at once.

I hope you feel better soon too.

Wow! I have so many of those problems as well. it's amazing how many things gluten can do to your system. I feel so drunk sometimes and I never drink. I cant ever think of the right word and my thinking has become VERY slow and I was always an honor student. I get lightheaded and weak often and since I was little I've always had lots of nightmares, but really no reason to. depression and anxiety runs in my family and my senses are extremely oversensitive. It's encouraging to hear you are much better and your symptoms have really improved! congrats :)! How long did it take for you to feel better and what foods do you eat now? Hope you have many more good days!


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