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Old Dutch Dutch Crunch Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar

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Argh! I am a major airhead today.

The label actually just says Dutch Crunch Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips. Can't seem to edit my title, though.

Anyway, does anybody eat these chips? For some reason I had it in my mind that they were safe except for the dairy, which I've been avoiding. Since I'm doing better with dairy, now, I grabbed a bag. Naturally I popped one in my mouth and was chewing by the time I perused the ingredients, at which point I hastily spit out the chip and went to brush my teeth for half an hour. (Okay, it was only about 5 minutes.)

But now that I've calmed down, I'm not sure what to think, really. "Natural malt vinegar type flavoring!?!?" I know that malt vinegar is out, but they almost seem to be going out of their way to say that this isn't really malt vinegar. To make it more confusing, someone here posted a letter from Old Dutch (Oct.07) that did list these as being gluten free. The website FAQ gluten-free list however, does not, unless it means to include them under "Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips." But there is another product by that name that isn't part of the Dutch Crunch line, so I don't know whether they were condensing, or whether these really aren't gluten free. Then again, none of the Dutch Crunch flavors are specifically listed in the website FAQ list, but I've seen them listed several other places.

Does anybody know the real deal??

p.s. I did e-mail the company, but since it's Saturday and a holiday weekend, I'm not sure when I'll hear back.


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