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Concentrated Juices For Making Alcoholic Drinks

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I am going to the Dominican Republic and have spoken via email with the management there. This is a resort that I trust and explained my entire celiac disease situation to. I think the food issue will be fine based on their extreme willingness and desire to make my stay excellent. However, a weird situation has come up with alcoholic drinks. I wanted to know what drink mixes they may use if any and they explained they only used concentrated juices, not a store bought mix. They don't use natural juices because they say the concentrated juices make the drinks taste better.Then they told me they would prefer to make my drinks with natural juices to avoid any problems with the concentrated juices. First question: What are they referring to when they say concentrate juice? Do they mean like Tropicana orange juice? Or do they mean something from a can that they add water to? And secondly, are these concentrated juices typically safe?

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