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Burger King, Wendys, Mcd's, Arbys


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Does anyone out there trust any fast food places when we ask to have the burger without the bun? How safe are they really? What about sub places. Is there anything like Subway that we know of that the meats and things are safe? Sometimes it is just plain convenient to be able to go to one of these places to pick up a quick meal. And pickles! I have such a craivng !!! I know that we can have vlassic, but I'm talking about a real, deli, garlic pickle!!!

Thanks a bunch!!

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I would not trust fast food places for burgers. They make those burgers with the others and have a strong possibility for contamination with bread crumbs. They really are not careful. I trust McDonalds with their hash browns and fries here because they use a separate frier for them. I also trust side salads there. I go to wendy's for frosty's sometimes as well.

As for Subway, I worked there before I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I would not consider anything they have as gluten-free. They use gloves to open the bread then put their hands into the stuff that it supposed to be gluten-free. There is so much cross contamination at places like that.

Hope this helps you out some :D


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If you go when it is not busy and can see them do your food then yes it is safe. My brother eats McDonalds hamburgers sooo much. He is a High School senior and goes there with his friends a lot. He has never had a problem. If he ever gets it with the bun he explains that e has a severe allergy and cannot have it touched and our local one gives him a brand new one. Ususally he goes at the same time and they know what he wants before he asks!

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