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Gluten-free In Pop-culture

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** Note: minor spoiler in this thread **

I've occasionaly seen a mention on TV of a character not being able to have gluten. Yesterday I picked up Killer View, a mystery by Ridley Pearson. In the book, while searching a victim's home, detectives note that he has lots of gluten-free items in his house and one loaf of bread. That made them curious and they opened the bread and found it had been hollowed out and was being used to hide stuff. This was the first time I'd seen gluten free as a clue in a mystery. Anyone else have similar finds?

This happens very early in the book and is a minor plot device so I've given away less than the book dust jacket.

Note to moderators: I wasn't sure if this fit the category since the book isn't primarily about Celiac. Please move it if there is a more appropriate forum.

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