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Nervous About Test

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Hello Everybody,

Ok I'm starting to get really nervous :unsure: and I just wanted to ask you all your opinions'. I have an appointment with a dermatologist in three days and I am requesting a test for DH. Here's my question I break out on my back, inner arms, and thighs with these little red, sometimes p%$#@#, bumps. I haven't been eating gluten (consistently/intentionally) for a few months now. So I only get bumps sometimes-like with iodine, which I just found out about anyway- should I intentionally gluten myself to get bumps for the test?

Also the bumps go away for the most part, except on my back. They have been there for a long time. I don't have acne- at all. So I don't think these bumps would be acne but I'm afraid that is they are and the doc will biopsy that instead of the DH (if that is what it is). So I guess my question is also could these bumps be acne?

The bumps are red, pointy, sometimes itchy, but not constantly. And when/if they fade they leave this purple after mark. They are all over the back of my neck and are not mirrored. What do you all think?

That's for your time and I would appreciate any advice you have.

Ana :)

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Im not going to be much help, except in telling you I have the same thing, My upper legs and arms are bumpy, sometimes more times than others. My family always told me they were ingrown hairs. But I beg to differ. They can be itchy, sometimes they are sore. I try not to pick because they will leave scars. Sooo your not alone. I am waiting for my sprue test results hoping this is related to my food allergy.

don't be nervous.. more times we make ourselves nervous over something not even worrying about.

talk soon and let us know

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