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going loopy

In The Middle Of Tests

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Hi stummbled across this place so thought I'd join up!

My 8yr daughter has been in and out of doctors with tummy problems, finally after pointing out she was losing weight a really nice doc ordered bloods, The results came back that she had a thyroid problems, although has no symptems, the locum that gave me the results told me not to worry as kids cant get hypothyroidisum! I asked about the celiac's but was told she didn't have it, he ordered the bloods to be redone which still came back with the tyroid problem then he said oh by the way she has tested positive for celiacs! So have been up to the hospital and she is having more bloods for the tyroids antibodie problem and a biopsy in a couple of weeks, sod'd law though she has been fine since the doc appointment!

Her dad has suddenly told me after knowing what has been going on that her cousins have celiac.

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