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Macaroni Grill


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Last night my family and I went to Macaroni Grill in Aurora Colorado. The manager there is always great and works with me on my gluten-free diet. He even buys Tinkiyada noodels and cooks them up as I am on my way so I won't have to wait forever for my meal.

I always order the chicken scalopinni (sp?) It usually comes breaded, but I ask for it grilled. It's just fantastic. Last night I decided to try something different. After looking through the menu, I went for the Chicken Marsala.

It came breaded! That information wasn't on the menu. I checked the scalopinni, and the fact that that dish uses breaded chicken also had been ommitted from the menu!

So I didn't get a meal with the rest of the family. No big deal really. But since the menu is condensed, and not listing what is consideded 'trivial' information since rolling in flour is not consideded 'breading', I wll not ask the manager to advise on all meal selections. BTW, the chicken marsala turned out great using cornstarch instead of wheat flour.



anti-body negative, self diagnosed, Gluten free since March 2001. Two sons (8) also have celiac. Antibody and biopsy positive. I love to cook and after much much experimentation can now get by pretty well!

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Hi Monica! That's great news about that Macaroni Grill. I wonder if the one in Cherry Creek would be as friendly? Where is the one in Aurora? What's the manager's name?

I read a little bit about your restaurant idea in another post. I'd think that it would be great to have a really "fresh" restaurant, sort of like Souper Salad, that focused on fresh organic salads, soups, and sandwiches. Personally, as much as I'd LOVE to have a fully gluten-free restaurant in Denver, I don't know that that focus would work. Instead, I'd only provide fresh gluten-free bread (and don't name it gluten-free, just call it Marvelous Millet bread or Savory Sorghum, etc. with a designation that it is gluten-free next to it), then offer whole wheat bread that you buy from another bakery. Have separate handling areas for gluten-free and non-gluten-free sandwiches.

Your desserts could all be easily gluten-free and your pizza too. I'd just make sure the focus are fresh foods that are naturally gluten-free. (Oh, and baked potatoes!)

I think if the only gluten-filled items were sandwiches made in a separate area on bread not baked in your store, all gluten-free people would feel very comfortable. Plus you wouldn't alienate those that don't like things "different."

Don't do vegan though!! I want a smoked turkey and cheese (hot) on fresh gluten-free bread. :-)

BTW, there is a GREAT sandwich place in Dallas/Fort Worth called The Great Outdoors. They have "the works" that they put on their sandwiches, which is lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, oregano, olive oil, and red wine vinegar. It's SO GOOD! The sandwiches are all heated too.

Take care,

Elaine in CO (btw, I met you at the House of Bounce party!)

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