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Has Anyone Ever Had A Reaction To Tuaca Brandy?

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My belly wasn't feeling too well the other night. It could have been a few different reasons but I really only want to rule out one: Tuaca brandy. Has anyone ever had a reaction to it or know if it is gluten-free?

I wrote to them but they said the ingredients come from all over and they cannot guarantee it is gluten free :(


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Hm, it's flavored and perhaps colored and has a "secret recipe"...sounds like something to consider avoiding until an "all clear"

I had Tuaca once before going gluten-free and all agreed it was mildly dangerous (folks seemed to drink more than they thought...)

I didn't realize it was from Italy, don't know if any of the celiac organizations there would have a view?

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The product is Tuaca Italian Liqueur. Not Tuaca brandy. Yes it contains brandy. Or, as the label say's:

"a premium golden amber liqueur redolent of fine aged brandy and elegantly focused Tuscan fruit essences. Artfully blended with hints of vanilla and orange flavors, Tuaca is distinctively smooth and immediately appealing."

I heartily agree. It's very smooth and tasty, with sweet vanilla and citrus flavors. I have never had a reaction to it.

best regards, lm



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2. odorous or smelling (usually fol. by of): redolent of.

3. suggestive; reminiscent .

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You're answer is really as you stated yourself.

Its a mix of ingredients that they source from wherever is cheapest a the time.

Someone else not reacting means nothing because one batch may contain gluten and another not and one factory might source one ingredient and another a gluten one.

Many brandy's do add coloring and this coloring can be wheat based.

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