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Gluten Free Diet

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Hi, I have been diagnosed with celiac disease 2 years ago ( I am now 24 years old). And this is my first year in America. I ate lots of wrong things till now. For example spict teas, curry powder, etc. Do you have a good list of Gluten Free products of different brands. For example tomato sauces, dices tomatoes, any canned foods, lipsticks, chocolates etc. I am now afraid of eating any kind of processes foods. Please help me?

Which brands of lipsticks I can use? Is it a problem to put on creams including wheat?

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Hi absurduk,

First things first :lol: . Welcome on our message board :D

I'm also not from the states (from germany) and live here since november 2003. In which state are you living now? I can probably help you a little better, if you would tell. McCormick should have Curry Powder and if it's not a spice mix, it should be glutenfree. For a glutenfree list, take a look at


It helped me a great deal :rolleyes: . In the Giants (if you have a giants where you live) frozen food section, you can also find a lot of gluten-free foods. It actually says glutenfree on the package. I think some of it is from Amys and different other brands. These foods are very fast, if you don't have time for cooking :P .

I don't know about lipsticks, because I'm a woman, that doesn't put any make up on whatsoever. But if you're looking for a really good lip balm, try blistex. If you put on a cream with wheat, try not to get it into your mouth and wash your hands real good afterwards. For gluten-free shower gel and shampoo i use the Suave brand. And the gluten-free toothpaste I use is from Colgate. And Kraft is a brand here in the states, that clearly lists gluten on the lable (please correct me here, if i'm wrong, or anything changed so far).

I hope, i could help you. If you have more questions, just ask them. You'll always find somebody to help here.

Hugs, Stef


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All of the Bare Escentuals makeup is gluten free. Toothpaste I use Crest. Shampoos, conditioners,hairspray soaps..I use Dove..all of their products will not hide anything. Moisturizers I use Neutrogena...they emailed me a huge list of their gluten-free products.

Kraft as Stef said will not hide anything. Unless their products say wheat,rye, barley, or oats on them then they will be safe.

Amy's has some pizza, mac n cheese and a whole bunch of soups that are gluten free and will say gluten-free on the package or cans.

Thai Kitchen has some really good soup that says gluten-free on the packet to..my favorite is Spring Onion.

Hope we have helped you out some :D Good luck and if you have any questions just ask anytime :D


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