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How Long Do I Need To Be On Gluten Before I Get A Blood Test For Celiac?

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After 30 years of feeling like I was in a fog about four months ago my physician recommended that i try going on a gluten-free diet. The doctor had me keeping a food diary for some time, and everytime I ate food that contained gluten, the fog descended almost instantly. I am happy to report that the fog has lifted now that I am gluten free.

Now I am interested in confirming whether or now I have Celiac disease.

As a first step towards a diagnosis, my doctor had me get a Celiac DNA test (Kimball Genetics) which detected that nI have the DQA2 alleles, DQA1 sequence variant (*0501 or *0505).

Now I am interested in getting a test for gluten antibodies.

What I am trying to determine now is how long I will need to be back on glutens before I get the blood test.

I appreciate any input.

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