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Can Symptoms Come And Go?

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This is strictly an observation because I'm a watcher and thinker. I have no scientific facts on which to base this or prove it. I just wondered if anyone has ever seen symptoms come and go as if the antibodies moved in to one organ, damaged it, had their fill, and then moved on to another organ? It might sound ridiculous. I've just observed it in my mother who is a Celiac and wonder if I might have even noticed it in myself. My mother found out late in life, due to my prompting, that she had celiac. It began with her autoimmune hepatitis (or this is what her doctor told her it was, obviously it wasn't fatal) and then went to her thyroid. It seemed that her LFT's normalized and then her thyroid got wacky. Now her thyroid levels are normal. Prior to all of this she has had eczema that comes and goes. And in younger years got migraines but those stopped too. She told me she used to have cystitis all the time but that went away also. All of this happened without a gluten-free diet. She was 70 when she found out and she only found out because I told her she needed to for us so she isn't interested in going gluten-free. She doesn't feel sick. But, anyway, I wondered if people have ever noticed that when one system gets better another seems to "break."

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