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York, Enterolab, Or Great Smokie Mt. Which To Use?

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I'm about to order the test kit for the full panel testing of food allergies, 113 foods or food groups for both York and Enterolab and 120 for Great Smokie Mountain.

Which one have you used or would use over the other? I can't see much difference in York and Enterolabs. Great Smokie Mt. I believe someone said, were more expensive, but I don't know exactly how much. You also need to go through a doc, which is no problem in my case. I know my insurance won't pick up on any of this so it will be private pay.

(I've already had the Celiac blood tests done through my GI doc and only the IgA gliadin antibodies were mildly elevated yet I'd been on a fairly strict wheat free diet, but not by any means gluten free, for many years. I was diagnosed wheat/chicken allergic over 25 years ago through RAST testing. Up until 2 years ago I lived on high doses of Benedryl but slowly weaned myself off it because it aggravated "Restless Leg Syndrome").

Thanks for any input you may have. These tests aren't cheap so I want to make the best choice I can, with your help.


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Guest barbara3675

I did the full panel Enterolab which includes gene testing and was very pleased with their professionalism. The kit came swiftly and the results came in a day less than two weeks via email. It showed that I carried the gene (which told us where my granddaughter got it from) and confirmed that I should not eat gluten or cow's milk products. The cost was close to $400, but my health is worth it. I can eat some cow's milk products now without too much problem, though, after being gluten-free since late summer. I would recomment Enterolab.


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Thanks Barbara, I don't know why I was under the impression that Enterolab did the pin-prick blood test for food allergies like York, but checking back again I see they don't, only the stool tests. Since they are in the same town in FL (I think) I wonder if they are associated in any way.

I've read here complaints about York not getting back to you on results. Guess you just have to bug them.

I wish more would post who have gone thru Great Smokie Mts. for the testing. My Alt. M.D. swears by them and so would lean toward them for the tests, BUT I think they are much more expensive, but if more accuate than why not?

thanks for your response,


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Enterolab is located in Texas - I just sent off my specimens this afternoon (stool and cheek cell samples) via pre-paid overnight DHL, which is all-included in the tests' costs.

"Get busy living

or get busy dying."

From: The Shawshank Redemption


gluten-free since Jan 1 '05

Positive response to diet within days, felt 'alive again' within 2 weeks

Feb 22 '05:

Diagnosed "Celiac Sprue, and IBS" by a GI doc, Dr. David Lin of Danville, CA

via blood testing 53 days after I began the gluten-free diet on my own:

Test results at 53 days POST going gluten-free were:

Gliadin AB IgA = 29.9

Since 30+ = positive for Celiac Disease when ingesting gluten, my doc

diagnosed me with Celiac Sprue then and there.

Gliadin AB IgG was 5.6 at that point


Endoscopy with biopsies, AND colonoscopy with biopsies were done,

only to rule out other possible GI problems (especially intestinal

lymphoma) - My doctor told me the results indicated "no current damage

found" - and that as long as I stay gluten-free, I don't need another

biopsy for ten years.

Follow-up blood testing was done about one year later, by the same

Gastro doc, in Nov '05:

Gliadin AB IgA =26, Gliadin AB IgG <1

Blood testing done again by him, 5 months later (March '06)

He then told me my tests results were back to normal, and "Keep up the

good work! You can't argue with success!" :-)

I now see him one time per year for routine testing to make sure I am

staying gluten-free.



I was also diagnosed as positive for antibodies and autoimmune

response to gliadin by Enterolab, via stool specimen taken 56 days


and I have one of the two genes that 'cause' Celiac Disease:

"HLA-DQ8," via Enterolabs cheek cell test kit


I began a COMPLETE 'Gluten-free Casein-free' diet in Nov '05, due to:

"positive" for casein antibodies from Enterolab (in Feb '05)


"positive" for casein IgG (Elisa) via York Labs' finger-prick blood

test, Sept '05

and continued 'stomach pains,' although nothing compared to before

going gluten-free....

UPDATE: ALL remaining symptoms disappeared within weeks of going gluten-free&CF!


My PAST illnesses I believe are attributable to Untreated Celiac Disease:

Recurrent ear and throat infections in childhood

Frequent childhood stomach aches, underweight, picky eater

Tooth enamel problems/excessive cavities in childhood

Diagnosed in 20's with non-allergic rhinitis

Two spontaneous abortions (childless)

IBS diagnosis at age 28 (all better post going gluten-free and casein-free)

["Horrible" digestive problems from ages 32-47 - excess gas,

diarrhea gone post gluten-free!]

Reflux diagnosis at age 35 ('reflux' gone post gluten-free)

ADHD diagnosis at age 38 and at age 48 (not as bad with Gluten-free Casein-free diet)

Broke elbow in 2 places, age 39

Osteopenia diagnosed at age 44 (bone scan revealed thinning of spine -

taking Calcium and Vit D now)

Fibromyalgia diagnosis at age 40 (fatigue and pain all gone post gluten-free!)

Minor depression with anxiety diagnosed at age 42 (taking Paxil)

Skin cancer - squamous at age 43 and pre-melanoma at age 45

Adult acne (this, too, went away, but only after going dairy-free)

Topical dermatitis (so bad I needed steroid shots) diagnosed at age 46

(That's gone now, too!)

Excessive bruising of skin began at age 45:

I was told by derm doc AND family physician "That's just thin, aging

skin, nothing you can do about that" (GUESS WHAT?! ...NO unusual

bruising POST going gluten-free! I can now wear skirts and shorts


SO many years of being sick...

Hopefully, others will benefit from Science, and the increasing media

attention being given to Celiac Disease and gluten-based illnesses,

and will not have to go through what I, and others on here, have had

to go through.

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I think I found out somewhere that Great Smokie labs charged $525. I don't think I found it on the webpage, I think someone else said it was that much on another message board. They are a well repected lab. I would have went with them if I had the extra money. The next most reliable and accepted seems to be York labs. I just ordered my test from them and will post how it goes. I only heard one person really say they were delayed and such. One lady wasn't happy with the results because she didn't believe her husband was allergic to some items he tested positive for. Those are the only negative comments I remember. Most people here use Enterolab but there is a lot of conflict about whether using stool samples is reliable, accurate and representative. I'm not sure why so many pick enterolab. Good luck with your decision. I was/am pretty confused about which on is the best lab.

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I think one of the reasons Great Smokie Mt. is so expensive it because they include the RAST IgE test as well. I discovered that after looking into what their tests included.

Since I've already had the RAST IgE test lately I don't need to spend the extra money when I just want the IgG ELISA food tests. So, I think I will go with York. I don't know about he validity of stool vs. blood for testing for food intolerances, but the entire notion of sending blood instead of stool is easier to take, at least for me.



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Hi Melanie,

Please post how long it took to get your test results from York, and I might add, what they were. Glad to hear it was no big deal taking the test. I didn't think it would be...probably much the way a diabetic tests their blood sugar.

The IgE RAST test, tests only a few top known allergen foods (10 or 12, can't remember exactly) and it is for a food ALLERGY, the kind that you get a reaction to right now, and likely will send you to the nearest ER with anaphylactic shock. I had a RAST test 27 years ago when I was sick as a dog and full of hives. Bedridden I ate only chicken soup with soda crackers (isn't that what everyone ate when they were sick?) and it turned out I was highly allergic to wheat and chicken. Ended up a few times in ER before I knew the culprits. The IgG is for all those, what..113 foods or food group INTOLERANCES..with a delayed reaction. That's the one I'm interested in now.


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