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Lip Products Only Please

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Hi, all,

Well...Being new to all of this, I have been most concerned with lipsticks/glosses/chap lip products, etc...as far as gluten in cosmetics goes...

So, I would like for this "Thread" to only discuss those products, if possible.

This is what I have found out on my own and gathered from these posts/other Net sources, etc: (Please add any add'l info....)

gluten-free Lip products:

Trish McEvoy

I called. Was told they get the question about gluten-free all the time.

They reassured me that ALL of their lip products are gluten-free


DuWop (Venom Gloss and Venom Flash)-

I called. Was told the owners said "NO Gluten"


Just found this product on the Net:


Name Logona Organic Lip Pencils (Lipsticks)


Wholistic Horizons


Logona Lip Pencils are an alternative to normal lipsticks. They are a more practical concept when it comes to accuracy. They come in attractive wooden pencil form.

Come in nine different shades: silver pearl, apricot, chestnut, aubergine, bright red, coral, terracotta, bronze, mahogany.

Ingredients: beeswax, candelilla wax (plant wax), carnauba wax (plant wax), cocoa butter, tocopherol (natural vitamine E), coconut oil, jojoba oil,talc, mica, iron oxides.

[Are all of those ingredients OK?]

Ingredients certified organic by ECOCERT. Product Attributes Cruelty free, ethical business practices, improve wellbeing, all natural ingredients, no animal testing, organic



gluten-free lip products from Lancome:

Juicy Tubes

Star Gloss

Color Dose Lip

Lip Dimension


Cover Girl:

continuous color lipstick is gluten-free



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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

Here is the list for Blistex. . .(I typed it from a .pdf type file so forgive any spelling errors)

Blistex Lip Ointment

Blistex Lip Balm (Regular, Berry, Mint, and Ultra)

Blistex Lip Tone

Comlete Moisture

Daily Conditioning Treatment SPF-20

Herbal Answer Lip Balm

Herbal Answer Gel

Lip Medex

Lip Revitalizer

Kank-a Liquid

Blistex Silk & Shine

Blistex Fruit Smoothies (Berry Explosion, Merry Melody, and Triple Tropical)

Blistex Clear Advanced

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OOPS - I thought this first post of mine on this topic had disappeared...I couldn't locate it afterwards ...that's why I added the other "lip product" post...includng only what I was certain of-

All of the additional stuff I posted here came from posts on this site and other good Net sources, so it should all be ok...If anyone sees a problem with anything, let me/us know. Thanks, G :)

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Bobby Brown lipsticks and glosses (and makeup) are also gluten free. I contacted my representative and she checked herself. However, she did say that there are nut oils in their lip products, so if you're sensitive to nuts, you may want to be careful.

I've used Neutrogena and have just stuck with what works. However, all the information in this thread is very valuable. Thanks for compiling it.


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Here is an email from them this might help you out :D

Thank you for contacting us regarding the ingredients in our products that might be unsuitable for you to use because of your specific condition.

We are attaching a list of grain-derived ingredients, found on our labels, which will be helpful in providing you direction. This information covers products marketed under the following trademarks: Est

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Guest Addicted2Gluten

Clinique and Estee Lauder products contain gluten. I finally checked with the companies after I was getting severe headaches and celiac-related symptoms when using them. MAC cosmetics and Chanel products are both gluten free.

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Let's see...


Lip products...check...


Anything I need to be sure is gluten-free?

hope not...

Love to all, Gina

PS - I had my FIRST mini-break-down over the past 2 days...I didn't want to remember I have Celiac's Disease...didn't want to eat, even...

I am back to normal today...and back to being SO grateful to have found out what was 'wrong' with me...AND SO grateful for all of you...

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