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Kinda Gross But Could Use An Opinion

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I cannot currently afford to see a doctor. Lately, (the past 2 months or so) I have been dealing with very stinky gas and pretty common diarrhea. Sometimes my bowel movements are stringy/oily. I have been diagnosed with anemia in the past. I've also recently found out I have psoriasis on both knees which came out of nowhere. I am a 25 yr old female. I am slightly underweight at 105lbs and 5'4. I eat a LOT of wheat products and a friend who is gluten intolerant suggested to me that I may be the same.

I just need some help. What should I be looking for symptom-wise? Should I cut out gluten immediately to see if my stink-bottom gets better? Should I ween off of gluten? Thanks for any advice ya'll.


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You sound like a classic Celiac. If so, think of it as a blessing, not a curse. The Gluten-free diet may seem difficult to stick to at first, but the benefits are wonderful!

Cut out all gluten immediately unless you want to go to a doc in the near future to be tested (if you're off of gluten, the blood test will come back negative, but many of us here think the test is a total waste of time. You'll know within a few days, up top a few months if that was it.) Stick to a simple diet at first, our system needs time to heal and things like processed foods, dairy products and sometimes even soy can be to harsh at first. Many celiacs have a sensitivity to these things at first, but can gradually start adding them back in to the diet after a few months.

Remember to find all of the hidden gluten (it's in soy sauce, root beer, ice cream, vitamins, shampoo, face wash etc.) It will be a little tough to get used to, but it becomes second nature to read every label and call manufacturers, restaurants, and even friends and relatives to find out the exact ingredients of a thing.

Look up Dermatitis Herpetiformis and see if that is what your psoriasis may be, my DD has that and was misdiagnosed for years with psoriasis, excezma, and many other things before we knew about her gluten intolerance.

This is an excellent forum you've found. Search any of the questions you have and if you can't find exactly what you need, post a new one! So many members with shared knowledge is a powerful resource. Plus, where else can you feel comfortable talking about oily stools, we've all been through that before!

Good Luck!

"...I tried to explain to the waiter that I could not have anything with flour so he took the flower off the table..."

Live your life each day

greet the tides my friend

we're all nomads; forever on our way

a journey to the end.

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I agree you sound textbook and while self-diagnosis isnt always a good idea, since you are not going to go to the doctor due to financial reasons, implementing a gluten free diet will NOT hurt you. And you just might find your answer.

I have not had hardly any stinky gas or D since I went gluten-free.

Your intestines need time to heal. Many have to eliminate dairy for a few months too. And Soy aggravates a lot of Celiacs.

What to Eat:

Meats - Fresh or frozen and unmarinated (you can make your own marinade)


Nuts & Seeds - Make sure gluten free (you may have to call the manufacturer) (almonds are high in calcium)

Veggies - Fresh and frozen with no sauce (lots of greens to get enough calcium)

Fruits - Fresh and canned



Sweet Potatoes

This is a good basic diet to get you HEALED. You can expand from there.

You may wish to consider a digestive enzyme (gluten free) to help you at first. And a good multi-vit-min (gluten free).

Wishing you well!

GLUTEN FREE 4/4/08. LEGUME/SOY FREE 5/15/08. YEAST FREE. CORN FREE. GRAIN FREE. DAIRY FREE. I am eating all meats, eggs, veggies, fruits, squash, nuts and seeds. I just keep getting better every day. :)

Do not let any of the advice given here substitute for good medical care. Let this forum be a catalyst for research. Find support for any post in here before you believe it to be true. Arm yourself with knowledge. Let your doctor be your assistant. Listen to their advice, but follow your own instincts as well. Miracles are within your reach. You can heal!

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Just wanted to say ...

I cut out gluten about a month and a half ago after a colonoscopy showed I have celiac.

Since then I feel a million times better, but am super sensitive to what I eat.

Cutting out meats that are greasy and high in fat has helped the "stringy/oily" symptom.

I have to be careful with oils, acid foods, spicy foods (nightshades), and have cut out processed meats/foods (even some just packaged chicken breasts have sodium phosphates added you have to read the lables.)

My Dr. recommended cutting out dairy for 6 months and then testing myself by eating it.

Basically just try to as much fruits and veggies as I can, and eat lean meats, nuts, corn keep foods whole and simple...even bland at first you will feel better and it looks like some foods can be re-introduced.

Your best bet is to at least try and see a Dr. to get tested, if they poo poo the idea find another Dr or try taking gluten out of your diet and see if it helps. (for a + test you have to have gluten in your system) wheat pasta, beer, pizza were huge triggers for me

good luck! hope you feel better!

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I agree that you sound classic and will probably feel much better not eating gluten.

When you go grocery shopping, ahop around the perimeter of the store where the fresh and frozen meats and produce are found. Stay away from the processed stuff in the interior aisles as they usually contain wheat in one processed format or another. :huh: Don't try to replace your favorites with gluten-free substitutes. They are often quite expensive and sometimes cause problems of their own. After you have healed up you can try adding them if you want.

Sandi ~ learning to live in a world obsessed and infested with wheat.

"You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows" probably was not referring to us . . .

"For the love of money gluten is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs." (apologies to 1 Timothy 6:10 (NASB)

The person we most dislike is still a soul for whom Christ died. (David Jeremiah)

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