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Mexican Restaurants

Guest Lindam

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I don't live in your area, but I am curious about what is safe im mexican restaurants. How can I tell if something is gluten free? I know no flour tortilla shells, but get confused about what sauses and other things besides salads are ok. I have asked and received shrimp Queseldeas on corn shells. But I love mexican food and would like to know what I can eat there. The spice thing is very confusing for me.



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Helpful Hint -- Make sure your tortillas are cooked/warmed up on a different surface than the ones they use for the flour tortillas. Often times, they are thrown on together -- even touching!!

Mexican is great -- I usually get Carne Asada tacos, side of beans and/or rice. Salsas are normally gluten-free.

Always ask the manager for help w/ the menu!!

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There are quite a few things to be concerned with as far as Mexican food is concerned.

Many, many restaurants use soy sauce in their marinade for fajitas, carne asada, regular chicken dishes, etc. Be sure to ask the manager.

Also, for enchiladas, many restaurants dip their tortillas into oil, the same oil used to fry breaded/flour items. This helps soften the corn tortillas. You have to ask that the tortillas not be dipped, which does make them a little tougher, unless they add extra sauce.

Ask about the fried items, like chips and taco shells. You want to make sure they are either fried off site (in which case I think they'd most likely be safe, but still a risk) or if they're fried in the same oil as flour tortillas and other breaded items (and therefore not safe).

I love Mexican food! The best place place for quick gluten-free Mexican food is Taco Cabana. They have a great gluten-free menu (online I think). Unfortunately they don't have them in Colorado.

Elaine in CO

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