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Gf Eating In New York City


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hey all,

I'm coming over from Ireland to New York for the summer on a J1 visa program and would like some help and advice on where to eat out as i am a coeliac. As of this moment I have no idea what area i am going to be staying or working in so any bit of help would be greatly appreciated.

Also if anyone knows of anywhere that sells gluten-free food fir use at home that would be very helpful too. I'm sure a lot of eating in will be done on them poor weeks so this could really mean the difference between eating and not :(

Thanks in advance to everyone


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Ooh...many options! I live in New York City--there are many posts on here about NYC, but I can't find all the ones I'm looking for...so, some links:







http://www.sacredchow.com/ -- see the key on the side for the abbreviations that tell you which foods are gluten-free.



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They're opening one soon called "Sambucca" on the upper west side....gluten-free menu consists of 22 pasta dishes, homemade bread, homemade brownies, kids menu, etc. It will be on the gluten-free restaurants program; the safest you're going to get in the way of dining out.

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