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Buffalo Chicken Sauce

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Every time I've checked on mustard flour it's been gluten-free, but I can't guarantee you in this product.

For a simple and delicious sauce, buy some Frank's Red Hot sauce and follow the directions on the back. All you do is cook the wings, mix Frank's and melted butter and pour on. Really, really good and pretty much the original Buffalo wings recipe.


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Guest Leidenschaft

Mmmm... ohhhhh... (Homer Simpson noises!) I love wings :wub: , had some last night! :rolleyes:

I love Buffalo, my hubby does not... here's my easy, healthy and extremely YUMMY compromise! :D

First, spray your BROILER pan with gluten-free cooking spray, I have found PAM safe.

Cram as many wing peices on the pan as you possibly can... leftovers are just as good!

Sprinkle with Montreal Chicken Seasoning, I have used CLUB HOUSE and McCormick's, both safe!

Put on your BROILER rack of your oven and turn oven to BROIL... this takes all (well, lots of) the fat out of your wings. Set time for 15-18 minutes. Remove pan, using tongs, turn each of those little beauties, then sprinkle with seasoning again! Broil for another 15-18 minutes.

These are great just plain, or if you're like me and ADDICTED!!!! to Buffalo, use Encore Bullalo Wing Sauce for dipping. My hubby prefers his Bull's Eye Onion and Garlic Showdown, or Kraft's Sweet and Sour sauce.

I used to marinade then bake my wings, nice flavour but always found them fatty... this way they are crisp, but not dried out, flavourfull and everyone can choose their own taste for dipping sauce!


:P:rolleyes: Drool...

PS, to keep this meal healthy and lite, add some sliced cukes, tomatoes and carrots for dipping in your favourite salad dressing! It also helps to cool the mouth from Buffalo!! :blink::lol:

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