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Are Celiacs Much Shorter Than Parents?

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"My son's GI said that you can roughly estimate adult height by averaging the parents' height and adding 2" for a boy and subtracting 2" for a girl"

First my disclaimer, I have no medical background, but I was trying to answer the same question for an appeal to get our insurance to cover growth hormones for my Celiac child.

Sorry I can't quote my source, but somewhere in my research it said that short stature was considered to be 1.5 standard deviations below mid-parental height. I don't know if this was taking into account a male child or not.

Not in the same source, but elsewhere I found that the standard deviation for height for an American adult man was about 3 inches, with the average being around 5'9".

So in our particular case, I am 5'7", my husband is 5'10", so average of that is 5' 8.5", then you subtract 3 inches X 1.5 (or 4.5 inches) and get 5'4". And without the growth hormones my son was on a pace to be well below that.


Mom of Garrett - Mizzou freshman; diagnosed Jan 2005

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