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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?

don 2

New In Rochester,mi

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We have a lot of sources near us. Welcome to the group! I am over in Ortonville, MI - not too far from you. You may want to check out the Tri-County Celiac support group at www.tccsg.com. They meet a little far from us, so I have yet to go to a meeting - I just enjoy the newsletter and the annual food fair. You have a health food store on Rochester Rd. in a shopping plaza across the street from the Target and Meijer's. There is a Starbuck's in the shopping center and I want to say that it is "Rochester Health Food". Whole Foods in Rochester is very helpful. The consierge is Aimee and she will give you a tour of the gluten free items that they have. Even the new Wal-Mart off of 59 has a gluten-free section. My favorites by you are the health food store that I can't remember the name of, the Whole Foods, Trader Joe's (across the street from Whole Foods). Both Trader Joe's and Whole Foods have print-outs of their gluten free items if you ask for them. Still read labels, though! My daughters were diagnosed earlier this year (February and April) and I have noticed it getting significantly easier even since then to shop. We have a new health food store in Clarkston that is taking requests for items to stock and our local little, tiny grocery store just opened up a 4-foot section of gluten-free items. I hope that you are pleasantly surprised at the availability! Local restaurants with GIG menus (gluten-free menus) are Outback and Caraba's. In Sterling Heights, there is an entirely gluten free restaurant that is yummy - gluten-free Cucina's. Also on Rochester Rd., south of the 59 is Noodles & Co - they cater to food allergies. Just ask for rice noodles and look at their allergen chart for what toppings/sauces that you can have. Hope this helps you a little bit....

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The previous poster had great recommendations.

-I haven't tried gluten-free Cucinas yet but it sounds great http://gfcucinas.com/index.htm

-I highly recommend Celiac Specialties, their stuff is fabulous http://www.celiacspecialties.com/

-I don't know how far Holiday Market in Royal Oak is for you but it is my favorite grocery store www.holiday-market.com/

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Welcome! I also belong to the glutenfreeannarbor group on yahoo - you might have some luck there as well. I love, love, love!! gulio's itallian in Livonia. gluten-free breadsticks, pastas, deserts.... did I mention I LOVE this place? Also have had great luck at Red Robin, my RR has a seperate fry fryer for only french fries; I'd check at your local one to see if they have the same set up. Also they will wrap the burger in lettuce so it's sort of got a "bun" to it (I but I still prefer to eat it w/ fork and knife on a plate).

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I forgot to mention Papa Joe's in Rochester. For their location, look them up online or phone book. I have only been there once. They had a nice selection, but were more costly than Whole Foods.

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If you're ever out towards the Lake Orion Area, Paisano's pizza on Baldwin Road at Maybee does a gluten free pizza. You can pick up a few gluten free mixes at the Urban Gourmet next door too.

Cucina's is GREAT!

I haven't been out to the new Lifesmart Foods off of M-59 (Sterling Heights) yet, but they just rebuilt a huge place after fire destroyed the first store.

I've got to run out the door, but I know I'm forgetting a ton of places.

From Brandon myself. (in between Oxford and Ortonville)

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:D:D new to celiac disease. just found out i have disease would like location of gluten free stores in my area.

Hi, I'm new to the posting board activity but thought I'd give some insight. I'm from Clarkston and my wife and both daughters were diagnosed a year ago. Tough to get used to but we are getting it down now. Restaurants and stores are all getting better. The more we eat out and ask...the more they will hear the need for gluten-free Menus.

I agree with all the other postss. Paesanos actually delivers to us which makes sleep overs and school functions much easier. I did go to the Life Smart foods on M59 near lakeside and it is very good but a bit pricey. Also good ideas are Hillers market (big in the Farmington Hills Big Beaver and Ann Arbor areas) The one in commerce is not too far and they carry filled pasta (Ravioli, pierogi etc) from Contes Pasta out east that kids love. Also Maggianos in Troy on always has gluten-free Pasta available and they are working on lasagna. The Sous Chef will come out to personally take your order. Wing Lauks is a chinese restaraunt in Waterford on Dixie highway and its is great and the owners (Tony and Diane) really understand and take care of you.

Make sure to talk to your food service director in your school district and understand your rights. We have had great luck in Clarkston and we now have a gluten free menu at the school. Our girls can get a hot lunch every day. Makes things much easier and they don't feel left out.

Finally (for now) the Good Food Company on 15 mile in Troy (down past Somerset) is worth the drive. Tons of gluten-free choices and they will order in bulk for you.

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