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Food Info - Mexican/cuban

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I emailed the company that makes Vigo Mexican/Spanish/Cuban food to ask about gluten, because the ingredient labels are vague ("vegetable protein" etc.), and here's the response I got:

Gluten Free Products:

>Vigo Chicken Base

>White Balsamic Vinegar

Products with Corn Gluten:

>Vigo Yellow Rice

>Vigo Paella

>Vigo Mexican Rice

>Vigo White & Wild Rice

>Vigo Black Beans & Rice

>Vigo Santa Fe Rice

>Vigo Risotto with Broccoli

>Vigo Primavera

>Vigo Rice Pilaf

>Vigo Soups

>Alessi Risotto's

>Alessi Soups

The only stuff they make that's got wheat gluten in it is their Red Beans & Rice and their Bella Yellow Rice. Yeeha!!! I can eat almost everything!

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