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Enviorkidz Products!

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Hi- I posted last week that my celiac GI symptoms where acting up something fierce........... well they still are.

Now have a Question I have been thinking about it. About 3 hours after my breakfast this Am GI symtoms cam on back.

Now I have been eating the following for breakfast over the past few weeks:

EnviorKidz Amazon Frosted flakes or Gorilla munch or peanut butter panda puffs.

Now the box says Gluten Free.......... but does anyone know if they are Wheat free???



Thanks Terry, Dumont NJ

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If it says gluten free it will not have wheat in it. Gluten is found in wheat. I eat those envirokidz cereals all the time. I like that brand alot. Could there be something else that you are sensitive to?


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Yes they are fine


Maybe you're reacting to the milk in your cereal. Lactose intoleracne is common in celiacs, try drinking lactaid or lacteeze milk.

Carrie Faith

Diagnosed with Celiac Disease in March 2004

Postitive tTg Blood Test, December 2003

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Envirokidz had some issues about a year ago with contamination. They were not testing their batches to make sure they were OK. I sure hope this problem isn't comming up again. You might try giving them a call to see when the last time they tested was.

-Jessica :rolleyes:


Gluten Free since 12-31-2002!!


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Hi- Thanks for all your replys. I already use lactaid milk. But I did call up the company and ask about cross contamination .......... I was told that they produce the cereals with the most allergens 1st then do a whole clean up of the production line and kitchen area before producting anything else. They also test the Gluten free cereals at random for cross contamination, I was told.

I am still a little bit leary......... because I am sooooo sensative. So I think I will stay away from it for a while......... then try it again when I have a few days off.

Thanks Terry, Dumont NJ ;)

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