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Celiac & Long Term Nexium Use

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I had severe gastric reflux for about 2 years before I started to take Nexium.  The only time the reflux stopped was when I did a fruit detox.  Little did I know at the time, the reason for the temporary relief was that I had stopped consuming wheat during the detox.  I just hadn't made the gluten connection back then.   Eventually my doctor recommended I start taking Nexium, so I eventually built up to 20mg a day which certainly kept the pain away, but my health declined quickly.  My hair went grey really fast!


I did some research on Nexium and found out how detrimental it is to the human digestive system, so I began to look for alternatives.  That's when I discovered the connection between gluten intolerance and GERD.


When I went gluten-free within days I no longer needed Nexium ... and I still don't.  I want to point out though that I am pain-free because I have specific rules about what foods I put in my mouth.  Everything is measured and natural - for me this is the only way to optimal health.



The grey hairs are starting to me replaced with brown strands, which tells me my body is getting the needed nutrients again!

Just an FYI - the posters on this thread may not be active after 6 years

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Yes but people who are googling information, who come to these threads, may find this information useful.

I just don't want to hear you complaining that the people you " helped" didn't respond..... Cause that happens. :)

You might want to try to help people with these same issues who are currently posting?

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