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What's Wrong With Me!? Hiccups, Hpylori, Etc. Etc.

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Hi All-

If you are reading this-- THANK YOU! I am trying to take matters into my own hands to figure out what is "wrong" with me. I would love to hear any of your thoughts on my current situation-- I have been to doctor after doctor since June, and although I have been told that I am making this up, I am determined to find out what is causing my symptoms so that I can go about trying to elimate them (after finding out their cause, not just taking IBS drugs to cover them up)... Here's what is going on

June- had Hpylori infection, never returned to normal after that.

Current main symptoms:

Rash all over body- arms, chest, thighs/butt, calves.. VERY itchy but only looks like faint bumps. Slightly red.

HICCUPS every time without fail after eating anything

gassy/bloated after eating (sometimes with nausea or dizziness)

Tired all the time, headaches

Celiac blood tests were negative, but endoscopy is scheduled for next week. How common is it to have negative blood tests but actually have celiac? If endo is negative too, I may try gluten free diet, but am curious about that whole "gluten intolerant" thing, and why this would have just started after the infection I had at the begining of the summer. Anyway, any thoughts or help are much appreciated!

Thanks for reading!

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Get yourself to a dermatologist asap. They can biopsy the area next to the rash you have to check if it is dermatitis herpeformis, the skin form of celiac. That would be diagnostic of celiac disease on it's own. Endoscopies have a high rate of false negatives so after you are done with all the testing you choose to do give the diet a good strict try for a bit. Celiac needs a trigger, that can be an illness or severe mental or physical stress so the h pylori may have been a trigger for you.

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