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both of my younger brothers have recently become progressively sick, and our parents think they may also be celiac.

one of them is 14:

has lactose intolerance, diarrhea often, and general poor health, looks anorexic despite eating plenty and getting exercise, and generally all of the problems i had at that age. last night, this brother had Acid Reflux. he is getting tested soon.

is acid reflux common in celiac?

the other is only 10:

my symptoms started at age 9, he told me he also started feeling bad at 9.

when he had what they decided, with a phone call and not doctor visit, was the flu, he got a fever of 104 and could not walk. could the walking problem be related to celiac or just the fever? could it have been copper deficiency in staid of the flu? -- he was born allergic to milk like me, and our mom keeps giving him milk in small amounts i.e. mashed potatoes.. but that only explains occasional symptoms, and he is chronic.


the past 2 1/2 months he has gotten sicker and sicker. he has chronic diarrhea, sometimes a low fever, headaches, eats ALOT of apples, potato, eggs, and salmon, he is tiny for his age (a gymnast, exercises), and he has been taken out of school from illness.

after seeing the doctor he was put on a "yogurt, rice, and saltine cracker" diet. now he vomits, too.

can you vomit from gluten?

they are currently doing a stool sample, and. they are trying to put him on a gluten-free diet now.

i have issues with eggs, scaley fish, soy (mildly), rice (badly), red/white/yellow onion, chocolate, milk, chlorine, and msg. the 10 year old brother could be having a problem with any of these?

*** both of my brothers:

from a young age, AND their fathers (one is a half brother) would wake up suddenly late at night and vomit, then feel fine and go back to sleep. is it common in celiac males?

doctors told one father "its from stress" and the other "its excess mucus" - for me doc called something similar an "intestinal virus" - i used to wake up at night with my reaction to gluten, as a young child, chills, shaking, and strong nausia for 3 - 12 hours.. but i never threw up. could it be that im just more gag-stubborn than my male family members?

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I am not an expert here- but I have searched about the nightime vomiting and yes, it does seem to be Celiac related. I was thinking the acid reflux was as well, but cannot remember positively. Hopefully, they will both have relief soon.

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Those are both symptoms I have seen posted on this forum quite a few times. There werent my symptoms, but since others with Celiac have them, I would say YES!

They should both be tested.

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Yes, vomiting is a not so uncommon celiac thing, and acid reflux too. I have some kind of esophagus thing too.

Milk in any form is a bad idea if there is celiac because the enzymes to break down the lactose is formed in teh tips of the villi, and they must heal first before milk can be tolerated.

I allergic to milk, one should not consume milk anyway. Stupid to feed him milk in mashed potatoes.

Icannot even have margarine. daugher slept most of the last week-end because a stupid Thai restaurant used margarine or butter in frying. Thay food uses no milk or margarine or butter so it shoudl ahve been safe...


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