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Does Anyone Else React To Dill?

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A few months ago, after eating polish dill pickles, I became violently ill. Now, my whole family wound up getting sick (not from the pickles) so I figured the indigestion I got a few hours prior to being up all night with vomiting and D wasn't related to the pickles.

But then, a few weeks later, I got the same indigestion: feeling "burpy," stomach churning, taste of pickles, etc. I thought it might be the garlic, as my mom has a severe reaction to garlic and onions, or the vinegar, which I know can upset some people's stomachs. I haven't had pickles since.

Today, I got the same symptoms, and I was wracking my brain to figure out why, as I hadn't had any pickles or anything with vinegar or garlic, but I still had the indigestion and the pickle-y burps. I realized I had eaten chicken salad with a lot of dill! Everything I read online talked about dill as a cure for indigestion, which was bizarre.

It is also worth noting that I get this same reaction to taco seasoning (all brands, gluten-free or otherwise) and sausage. I was thinking it might have to do with sulfites, or perhaps fennel (which is in the same family as dill).

Any thoughts or similar experiences? Thanks!

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I'm gonna guess that its sulfites....unless the chicken salad was homemade with fresh ingredients??

The dill pickles would most likely contain sulfites....alot of processed foods contain sulfites or ingredients which are preserved with sulfites (such as lemon juice).

You could buy some fresh dill and test it to see if you get the same reaction. Just dont test it with anything that might contain sulfites....test it by itself or with something you know that you dont have problems with.

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nope, the chicken salad was homemade with fresh dill...it is definitely the dill that's bothering me. the pickles were homemade as well. but is dill itself high in sulfur?

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